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Dental Clinic Baulkham Hills

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Your Visit

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Dr. Cal


The team at Integrity Dental are here to provide you with exceptional dental care and service. Our clinic is designed to be extremely patient-friendly without compromising on the key elements that we all expect.

“Dr.Cal graduated in 2002 and has been with Integrity Dental since 2004. He has come to be known as a fast emerging technology-savvy dentist in the Hills area. Dr.Cal has a keen interest in cosmetic dentistry and complete mouth rehabilitation.”
Our interest is in restoring your oral health and improving your smile to give you the confidence you deserve. We strive to provide you with the education and tools you need in order to maintain good oral health which will improve your overall health and well-being.

A Breakdown to inform you of the standard steps from the get go

Your Visit: To us, patient care begins from your first phone enquiry. Relationships with our patients are built on a foundation of trust and confidence through understanding and communication so please make your concerns known and feel comfortable.

Integrity is our Name

As our name suggests, we operate with integrity and we stand by our work. Our highly educated staff are passionate and motivated to help you achieve your goals while doing so in the most professional and caring way. Partnered with the latest technology, we at Integrity Dental are committed to providing you with the absolute best care available.
    Usually your first appointment will be a consultation to appropriately diagnose your oral needs and to address your concerns. Our dentist will complete a thorough assessment of your mouth so as to determine the issues requiring attention.

    We take the time to listen to you and find out about your needs and concerns, to provide you with the best dental advice and care. We want you to enjoy the benefits of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile and we are happy to tailor the treatment plan to suit your goals and needs.

    We examine and record our findings using

    • Large format and small format digital X-rays
    • Bite analysis
    • Photos of your teeth
    • Joint analysis
    • Cancer screening
    • Smile assessment
    • Teeth charting
    • Periodontal analysis & charting

    Magnification is used in all cases in order to enhance our ability to diagnose accurately and to treat our patients with precision.

    Our clinical microscope has the most powerful levels of magnification and can magnify up to 20 times for incredible visual detail.

    To ensure you receive the best outcome, our practice invests in the ongoing development and training of our staff and is equipped with the most innovative new equipment available.

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