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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dental Appointments


Why It’s Important to Keep Your Dental Appointments

You’ve got a dental appointments scheduled, but you’re tempted to cancel. You’re so busy, and it’s just another annoying thing on the ‘to do’ list. It’s not like you’ve been experiencing any problems anyway — no pain, no bad breath, nothing out of the ordinary.

Before phoning the dental receptionist to cancel or reschedule, here are four reasons you should keep that dental check-up in the diary.

1. Prevention is better than cure

They’re unlikely to be obvious to you, but your dentist is trained to spot early warning signs of gum disease and tooth decay. They’ll point out issues of concern such as plaque build-up, which, if not treated, could result in tooth and bone loss down the line.

2. Your mouth reveals a lot about your health

A dental appointment is like a mini health check. By looking at your face and neck — as well as inside your mouth — your dentist can get a good picture of your overall health and spot signs of illness and disease. These include mouth cancer, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, heart disease, anaemia and even stress. Your trip to the dentist could be a lifesaver.

3. Back-to-basics brushing and oral care

It’s easy to get into bad habits. Brushing for two minutes can seem a lifetime when you’re in a rush, and it can be easy to forget to floss. Seeing the dentist or dental hygienist can put you back on the right track. They can show you the best brushing techniques for keeping your mouth in tip-top condition and will remind you why it’s so important to make time for your teeth.

4. Make your teeth a great asset

Dental appointments are a highly personalized service. They can set you on the road to getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Your dentist can advise on teeth straightening, teeth whitening and other treatments and procedures that can help boost your confidence. Why delay?

Contact us today to find out more about how the expert team at Integrity Dental can help you have a winning, healthy smile.

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