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What Should I Do If a Dental Emergency Happens?


What Should I Do If a Dental Emergency Happens?

Emergency Happens: Prepare for a dental emergency before one happens, and you’ll know exactly what to do when one arises. No one wants to think about the possibility of an accident or illness, but knowing what to do can keep you calm — and prevent further damage.

Here are some common dental emergencies we treat in our Baulkham Hills and Dural offices.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you act immediately, your dentist might be able to save the tooth, so long as it’s a permanent tooth. One word of caution, though. If the person is unconscious, in shock, or suffered a blow to the head, getting the person to a hospital for a check-up must be your top priority. Then, you can look after the tooth. Here’s how:

  • Pick the tooth up by its crown (top), but try not to touch the tooth’s roots.
  • Clean it by rinsing in some milk. If you don’t have milk, rinse it quickly in water. Never scrape or rub it.
  • If you can, reposition the tooth in its socket and hold it in place. If that’s impossible, immerse it completely in milk (NOT water) and seal the top with plastic wrap. Never let the tooth dry. Keep it moist at all times.
  • Get in to see your dentist immediately.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

It’s essential to get to your dentist as soon as possible after the injury. If there is extensive damage, see a dentist immediately. Delays could cause you to lose your tooth.

If your dentist uses CEREC technology, they can repair the damage, restoring the natural function and appearance of your teeth.

Injuries to Your Cheeks, Gums, or Lips

For less serious injuries, rinse with a mild salt water solution to reduce the chance of infection and promote healing. But if your injury is more severe and involves bleeding, apply a clean compress with firm pressure until it stops. If the bleeding is severe, seek immediate medical attention.

After the bleeding stops, apply cold compresses to the area to relieve the pain and reduce the chance of swelling. As with more minor wounds, warm salt water rinses help heal and prevent infection.

Swelling and Dental Abscesses

Abscesses are pockets of pus inside your gums or teeth. When you brush, watch for any swollen areas carefully. If they don’t subside, it’s time to contact your dentist.

Left alone, abscesses can progress to serious infections that can even threaten your life. Until you receive help, use over-the-counter medications and cold compresses to relieve the pain.

No matter what your dental emergency, our expert team of dental professionals is here to assist you. Get in touch with our caring team today!

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