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Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

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Integrity Dental has been serving the community from our Dural and Baulkham Hills locations since 1993. We take pride in looking after the Hills Shire residents located around both of our practices. When it comes to lip and tongue tie release procedures, our leading technology is available to the wider community.

Our practice has proudly been one of the first Australian dental surgeries to acquire a laser capable of performing lip and tongue tie releases quickly, safely and effectively.

We believe ourselves to be the leader in the field of laser lip and tongue tie releases in Australia, successfully treating several hundred patients each year for these conditions.

A tongue tie is an inherited condition resulting in the tongue’s reduced range of mobility due to a pronounced attachment from the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

A lip lie is the muscle attachment under the top lip, which can sometimes develop longer and thicker than ideal. This results in reduced ability to evert, or open, the top lip.

Both tongue and lip tie conditions can cause excessive pain and discomfort for both children and adults. At Integrity Dental, we take pride in providing those affected by these conditions with the upmost care and compassion in order to treat it swiftly and professionally.

Leaving these conditions untreated can affect the appearance and structure of the face, tongue and teeth. As a result, pain, discomfort and difficulty in the functionality of the facial region can occur. The two most significant areas in which a restricted tongue impacts on a child’s life are feeding and speech. Concerning a lip tie, the most common impacts are on feeding and tooth position. Unfortunately, these conditions do not improve naturally over time, so they require intervention with medical treatment.

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