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The Holidays Are Coming: Take Care of Your Pearly Whites


The Holidays Are Coming: Take Care of Your Pearly Whites

Your Pearly Whites: Your Pearly WhitesWho has time to care for their teeth during the busy holiday season? You do — and you should.

The gift of oral health, as the Australian Dental Association points out, is the best one you can give your family. But that holds true for yourself, too.

Take the Time to Brush and Floss

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t indulge yourself in seasonal treats. However, do remember to take a toothbrush and floss along to the beach or restaurant so you can cut down on the damage that sugary drinks, sweets, and alcoholic beverages can do to your teeth.

And, if you’re having a barbeque or family dinner at home, don’t forget to brush and floss as soon as possible afterwards.

Load Up on Veggies

We wouldn’t begrudge you a Christmas pudding. But when you entertain your friends at a holiday party, exchange some of the sweets for a tray of crisp vegetables with healthy dips.

Not only does serving more vegetables fill you up without the sugar high, but veggies are chock-full of vitamins and minerals that help build strong, healthy teeth and gums. So, treat yourself and your guests to healthy snacks.

Provide Alternatives to Alcoholic and Fizzy Drinks

Yes, we all love a glass of champagne, wine or a sugary soft drink around the holidays. But don’t overdo it. Instead, provide healthy choices, like water or fruit juices, for your family and guests.

However, remember that any drink with sugar or alcohol — even fruit juices — creates the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Consider rinsing your mouth out after consuming even fruit juices and brushing your teeth as quickly as possible after drinking the beverage.

Even During the Holidays, Practise Proper Oral Hygiene

Observing good oral hygiene during the holidays can keep your pearly whites in great shape throughout the year. But, neglecting proper oral care during the holidays can create an environment where bacteria thrive, eventually giving rise to cavities or even gum disease.

Even more importantly, the habits you allow yourself to slip into during the holidays might become permanent. You don’t intend to, but it’s easy to forget about your oral health regimen when you return to your busy work schedule after the holidays.

Make January the Time for Family Dental Check-Ups

We all slip a little during the holidays. So, to start the new year on a good foot, make appointments for the whole family to get their semi-annual check-ups and teeth cleanings.

Even if you haven’t taken the best care of your teeth during the holidays, scheduling your teeth cleaning and check-up for January can identify any problems before they develop into larger ones.

If you haven’t booked your post-holiday check-up, it’s time to give us a call. Schedule your check-up and cleaning today!

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