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The Dental Hygienist – Your Oral Health Superpower


The Dental Hygienist – Your Oral Health Superpower

Oral Health Superpower: Maintaining proper dental hygiene is the foundation of all dental health. The one person who can supercharge your oral health regimen is your dental hygienist.

Here at Integrity Dental, we believe in proactive dental care. Although you’re welcome to come in with a mouthful of cavities (and we’ll happily fix them for you in as pain-free a way as possible), it’s better for your overall health to avoid cavities and other challenges in the first place.

That’s where our team of dental hygienists comes in. With a wealth of experience in both educating patients about oral health care and meticulous teeth cleaning, they are always in your corner.

Your First Dental Hygiene Visit

When you come in for your first visit, your hygienist will check your teeth for any problems, and then clean all the calculus that has accumulated on your teeth since your last visit. If the hygienist discovers any problems, he or she will bring in your dentist for a thorough exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

That’s just the beginning. Then your hygienist will show you how to prevent any such problems from happening in the future.

You see, most people don’t know how to (or don’t take the time to) brush and floss their teeth properly. That’s why we believe in teaching every patient all the latest techniques that will help them avoid problems in the future.

Dental health goes beyond that. We educate all our patients on how to adjust their dietary habits to avoid sugary, overly acidic, or hard foods as much as possible.

If you do eat such foods, it’s essential to know that you need to brush and floss as soon as possible afterwards. If you’re out at a restaurant, rinse your mouth out to keep your teeth relatively clean until you get home. As soon as you arrive, brush and floss. The more quickly you intervene, the better your chance of avoiding any damage.

Our dental hygienists teach these strategies to all our patients. If you have a specific challenge that requires more than the basics of oral health care, your hygienists will cover all the steps you need to take to stay healthy.

Above all, our team of hygienists encourage you to visit us every six months to avoid the kind of calculus build-up that gives rise to cavities and gum disease. And the latter – gum disease – can impact your overall health.

Avoid serious oral health issues by making an appointment with one of our dental hygienists for a thorough teeth cleaning. Get in touch with our caring team of dental health professionals today.

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