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6 Issues To Avoid When Wearing Dentures


6 Issues To Avoid When Wearing Dentures

Wear & Care Tips for Dentures

When you have lost several your natural teeth your Integrity Dentist may recommend Dentures. Sometimes dentures can be a little uncomfortable to get used to wearing and can take some effort. Keeping your mouth healthy and practicing good tooth brushing techniques with your dentures will help you wear your dentures longer and help to avoid some simple mistakes that come with wearing dentures.

Don’t rush the fit.

Integrity Dental will take some measurements and provide you with a brace that will be able to fit your mouth for the mould. Once you have made progressed with the fitting process it’s important to follow the hygiene guidelines. This can mean taking good care of your dentures daily while brushing properly and understanding the importance of having proper dental checkups and cleanings regularly.

Your dentures may feel loose, and your jaw and gums feel tender, but this should ease in time. Do not rush the fitting process either, keep going back and getting adjustments until they feel comfortable.

Don’t stop brushing.

Good tooth brushing techniques are essential even with dentures. Dentures are not a sign to stop brushing. Integrity Dental is a recommended dental clinic in Australia that not only cares for their patients but also cares about you having healthy teeth and gums. Dentures are your new set of teeth, and you must care for them the same way you would have cared for your original set of teeth.

Integrity Dental recommends you brush your tongue, gums and any remaining teeth you may have every morning, night and after every meal, if necessary. Using a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste, brush regularly as his will keep your mouth healthy and additionally reduce the bad breath that comes with eating certain foods and irritation from your dentures.

Do Not brush your dentures hard.

It is recommended that you brush your dentures the same way you would have brushed your original set of teeth. Rinse them well before brushing to remove any residue from foods. Using your soft bristle toothbrush and a non abrasive toothpaste gently brush them. You need to be aware that dentures are softer than teeth and can scratch easily if you brush too hard. Integrity Dentists are one of the most affordable dentists that care for their patients. If you are not sure in what to use to clean your dentures ask your dentist, they can recommend a cleaning paste that the whole denture can be cleaned with. If you choose to wear an adhesive and it sticks to your dentures brush the denture gently using soap and water and this should remove it.

Do not let your dentures dry out or fall.

When you prepare to clean your set of dentures, fill your bathroom sink beforehand or line it with a folded towel. Dropping a wet, slippery denture on the floor or in the sink can crack them and this can be a costly accident.

When removing your dentures at night, never leave them to dry out on the bedside table, as a dry denture can warp. You can safely put your dentures into a small container and completely cover them in water, so they do not dry out. Additionally, you can ask your dentist if you should soak them in a cleaning solution overnight and rinse this off the following morning.

Don’t stain your dentures.

Your set of dentures can stain the same way as your original set of teeth. Regular cleaning will assist in keeping them their original set of colours, and you can also assist staining not occurring by avoiding foods that can expose their colours onto teeth. Be careful to avoid harming your dentures.

The integrity of your dentures can be ruined in various ways, for this reason it is important to follow the health and hygiene guidelines thoroughly. This is a very simple tip for wearing your dentures but one that Integrity Dental recommends you follow as drinking red wine, tea and coffee can stain your dentures and cleaning them after drinking any of these is essential to keep the colour in its original state.

NEVER use bleach, while this is a cleaning agent its one you can never use on your dentures even if they have the worst stains ever. It is strongly recommended to contact Integrity Dental for advice on how to best clean them to get them white again should you not be able to remove some stubborn stains.

Don’t stop regular dental visits.

There are many reasons to keep seeing your dentist regularly. Your mouth still requires regular check-ups to ensure your tooth brushing techniques are going well. This is also the best way that your dentist can check to see if your dentures need to have an adjustment made. Over time, your jaw and gums may shrink, and your dentures may need to be readjusted. Your dentist can also recommend which foods are good for your mouth and also assess if you should change the type of adhesive you use to hold your dentures in place. They can recommend a new adhesive paste that is better suited for your mouth and new sets of dentures.

Your dentist will also check for any cavities, gum disease or other problems, which will enable you to go home with the smile that you have always wanted.

Integrity Dental are one of the most affordable dentists that care for their patients and listen to your questions. If you are unsure on your dental care and whether you need a set of dentures make an appointment to speak to one of our dental technicians who will check your teeth and give you an honest opinion of your options.

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