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How to Get a Glam Smile and Keep It That Way


How to Get a Glam Smile and Keep It That Way

Keep It That Way: Who wouldn’t want a glam smile that turns heads as you walk by? With the latest technological breakthrough – GlamSmile – it’s easier than ever to have a runway-worthy smile.

Introducing GlamSmile

Getting veneers used to be a costly dental procedure that required dentists to strip away some of your natural tooth structure. Numbing shots – or even sedation – was therefore necessary. Even with pain reduction techniques during the procedure, a sore mouth afterwards was a given.

GlamSmile is different. With its breakthrough technology, GlamSmile can get the job done with minimal preparation. With little to no grinding of your natural tooth’s surface required, GlamSmile veneer procedures usually cause little pain – often no pain at all.

With only two visits to the dentist and two hours’ time, GlamSmile veneers cause a lot less pain in your pocketbook as well. With over ten years of success Australia-wide, GlamSmile is many Australians’ choice for a beautiful smile.

With GlamSmile, small gaps in your teeth, as well as stains, disappear after your dentist applies your veneers. The porcelain surface is incredibly resistant to stains, so you can keep your dazzling smile for years to come.

How to Keep Your Glam Smile Glamourous

First of all, make sure that you’ve had a teeth cleaning at least six months before your first appointment. If you haven’t, no worries. Just make sure to have your hygienist clean your teeth during your first appointment. Having clean, healthy teeth to start from is the best way to keep your new smile longer.

Secondly, make sure to brush and floss your new veneers regularly. Use a gentle toothpaste with low abrasion for best results. Brush your gums, too, to provide a healthy foundation for your new smile. Brushing stimulates blood flow to your gums, building healthy tissues that serve as a support system to your natural teeth.

Just as you would for your natural teeth, keep your new smile healthy by avoiding chewing on hard candies, extremely sticky foods, and hard nuts. Normal foods will be no problem, so long as you brush soon after eating. If you’re eating out, rinse your mouth out right afterwards and brush your teeth as soon as you arrive home.

Wear tooth protectors if you play contact or high-impact sports where the danger of a fall or a bump to the mouth is likely. Make sure you have regular teeth cleanings and check-ups to make sure that you keep your gums, teeth, and veneers in perfect condition.

For a glamourous smile that you’ll love for years to come, discover more about what a GlamSmile treatment can do for you. Get in touch with our Integrity Dental team today!

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