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Difference Between Dental Crowns & Bridgework


Difference Between Dental Crowns & Bridgework

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown has several different names with the same meaning. Dental crowns, dental caps or tooth caps are all one and the same. To make teeth stronger, and improve the appearance cosmetically, Integrity Dental may suggest to you to have a dental crown fitted if you need one. A dental crown is essentially a strong outer covering to your teeth. The crowns are made from different materials and can be made to fit your specifications. Some crowns are made of precious metals, such as gold and silver, but most crowns are made from composite material. Stop looking for affordable dentist near you and rather call Integrity Dental for a comprehensive consultation and advice on what is best for you. Any Dental clinic in NSW will have dentists who will offer you the best advice on affordable dental crowns for your budget, and Integrity Dental is no different. We believe in explaining to patients what their options are and what they can afford at the time of the consult.

There are several reasons you may need a crown:

Severe decay: A crown may be the last only option to this kind of decay. The tooth may be compromised as a result of the decay

Significant fracture: Having a fractured tooth that can’t be repaired by a filling will require a crown.

Aesthetic: Some clients choose a crown for appearance, especially if the tooth is one that can be seen in the front.

Significant fracture: A severely fractured tooth may have no option but the use of a crown

Root Canal Surgery: If this surgery is required then the only option to strengthen the tooth may be a crown.

Accident or Injury: A tooth may break as a result of an accident and depending on how bad the break or chip maybe it may only be able to be repaired with a crown.

Teeth Grinding: If you are a teeth grinder and have a poor diet your teeth will erode to a point where a crown may be the only option to take.

What Is The Reason A Crown Is More Expensive Than A Filling?

A crown is more complicated than a filling repair. Materials and lab fees to make the crown make it a more expensive option

Additionally, a crown tends to have you see the dentist several times as he will use a temporary crown first and once the permanent one is ready it will be fitted.

What Is A Bridge?

A bridge is a replacement for a missing tooth, it fills gaps in the gumline that have been created from the offending teeth. Sometimes a bridge will be needed to fix a tooth that has become damaged. A bridge is not made to make your teeth stronger, but rather your teeth appear to look and feel normal and get your appearance closer to your original smile.

A bridge can act as an anchor for two crowns and a replacement tooth sits on the bridge to fill the gap between two teeth. Having a bridge installed by a dental clinic in NSW such as Integrity Dental, can prevent bone loss, decay or gum disease, this then occurs when gaps in between teeth and food gathers hence where the decay begins.

Bridgework teeth cost can vary depending on the materials used. An Integrity Dental dentist will talk to you about budget and help you with the best possible outcome. An enamel bonded bridge using metal or porcelain framework attaches to the artificial framework of the bridge to support the teeth and with good oral hygiene the bridge may last up to 15 years. You may find bridgework teeth cost is a more economical alternative to full dentures and it may be possible to have a porcine or all porcine bridge attached, this is the most natural looking alternative to full denture.

A dental crown and/or bridge can make your smile look beautiful, feel strong and work properly. It can also give you a very natural looking appearance as well as assist in bite issues that you may be suffering from. Integrity Dental will also advise their clients that your teeth may feel unusual due to all the work you have had.

Bridgework repairs are an economical alternative to a full denture, and it may be possible to have a porcine bridge attached, this is the most natural looking alternative to full denture. Contact the Integrity Dental clinic for more information on affordable dental crowns.

There may be a number of reasons that you require affordable dental crowns to be fitted, one of those is to correct severe decay. The other is the fact that the tooth may have suffered some kind of fracture which means it cannot be treated with a filling. A dental crown might also be needed if you have lost teeth which are replaced by bridges, but there are other reasons as well.

Just remember even though you have a replacement tooth fitted you must still be strict and follow a healthy oral hygiene routine, brushing twice daily, flossing and maintaining regular check-ups from Integrity Dental.

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