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Crowns and Bridges: Non-Invasive Options for Missing or Damaged Teeth


Crowns and Bridges: Non-Invasive Options for Missing or Damaged Teeth

Damaged Teeth: If you have damaged or missing teeth, your dentist can restore your sparkling smile with crowns and bridges. They’ll look, function, and feel just like the ones Mother Nature gave you. Here’s a deeper look at these non-invasive dental restoration options to see which one will be the best choice for your needs.

Bridges Close the Gap

Missing teeth aren’t just unsightly. They also pose a significant risk to the rest of your teeth.

Without either a dental implant or a bridge to fill the gap between your missing teeth, your other teeth might shift and move out of place. If that happens, you’ll need expensive orthodontic treatment to put them back in place. If they remain misaligned, they can cause harmful changes in your gums, and, if ignored, bone loss.

If you don’t want the hassle and cost of dental implant surgery, a bridge might be an excellent option. Bridges are artificial teeth custom-designed for the contours of your mouth. They fill in the gap beautifully. In only a week or two – or maybe even before – they’ll feel just like your natural teeth.

Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth to Full Function

Injury and tooth decay can damage a tooth to the point that it can’t function properly. If you’ve suffered an injury to your teeth or have a large cavity that requires filling, a crown might be a great treatment choice for you. It’s also an excellent option to add strength to a tooth after a root canal treatment.

For huge cavities, fillings often aren’t enough to restore your tooth to its full function. After all, they only support your tooth on the inside. A crown fits over your tooth, providing the support you need to bite and chew your food like you did before your cavity appeared.

An injury to your tooth can cause chipping or breakage, leading to a weaker tooth that’s more vulnerable to cavities and other damage. At Integrity Dental, we usually use tough, metal-free ceramic material to create a crown that will look like your natural teeth. Before we install it, we prepare the natural tooth underneath so that the crown will fit perfectly over it.

After the crown sets, you’ll be able to use your tooth like you do your regular teeth. No longer will you have to move your food around in your mouth to avoid your diseased or injured tooth.

How to Maintain Your Bridge or Crown in Perfect Health

Whether you need a crown or a bridge, you’ll want to keep your new smile sparkling with preventative care. Be sure to avoid sugary, hard, or acidic foods as much as possible. Brush and floss at least twice daily, and make regular appointments for regular check-ups and cleanings at either our Baulkham Hills or Dural office.

If you think a crown or bridge might be a good option to restore your teeth to good health, it pays to make an appointment with one of our world-class team of dentists. Book your appointment today!

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