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Comfort Menu

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Comfort Menu: We all know that going to the dentist can be quite scary. Here at Integrity Dental, we have ways to make sure your visit and your experience is made comfortable in every possible way.

We have choices for you and your little ones to help ease the anxiety that comes with dental visits.

Your happiness and comfort is of the utmost importance to us.

Choose from the following:


If requested, we offer neck pillows to make your visit comfortable, as well as, to aid in calming your nerves throughout your dental treatment.

Blankets always have a calming effect. They can help to alleviate anxiety or tension especially when visiting your dentist.

One form of distraction when you are visiting our practice can be watching TV. We offer a variety of entertainment options for you to choose from. You can watch your favourite shows while waiting for your turn and continue watching even when a procedure is being done.

Nothing soothes the soul more than listening to your favourite music. It can help ease the tension that you may feel while providing you with a continuous calming effect.

Receiving local anaesthesia in the mouth is always a daunting thought. At our practice, our professionals are trained to administer anaesthesia with you feeling as little as possible throughout the process. Simply warming the anaesthesia prior to administering provides a more comfortable experience, allowing your experience to remain as best as possible.

Also known as conscious sedation, this is a simple way to instantly ease any anxiety that is often associated with dental visits. We provide you with a comfortable nose piece where you will inhale our happy gas throughout your appointment, providing you with a more relaxed and anxiety-free experience.

For more complex procedures, we offer services of our in-house anaesthetist who can provide you with a deeper sedative state. This will allow you to be almost sleeping throughout your entire procedure with us.

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