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Charitable Initiatives

Charitable Initiatives

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Charitable Initiatives

Charitable initiatives serve as beacons of hope, illuminating a path towards a more just, equitable, and compassionate world. These noble endeavors encompass a vast array of causes, from addressing poverty and hunger to promoting education and healthcare. They embody the collective spirit of humanity, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to making a positive difference.


The Tongue Tie ClinicThe ONE80TC mission is to deliver real life changing solutions to hurt and broken young men and women, as well as their families and support structures.

Dr. Laurie has completed the past 5 ‘ONE80TC – Ride For Freedom’ events, raising funds and awareness for this worthy cause.


The Tongue Tie ClinicDr. Laurie Kobler has been serving the wider community from his Dural clinic since 1993. He was one of the first Australian dental surgeons to acquire a laser capable of performing tongue tie release & lip tie release quickly, safely & effectively.

The Tongue Tie Clinic is the leader in its field of laser tongue tie release & lip tie release in Australia, treating several hundred patients each year for these conditions.

Our clinic is set up to treat children quickly and effectively for this condition, and always strives to accommodate the needs of each patient individually.

Note that The Tongue Tie Clinic is located within Integrity Dental Dural.


The Tongue Tie ClinicMid 2013 we at The Tongue Tie Clinic have opened a fully functioning dental clinic in Mumbai, India. The clinic operates Not For Profit. Our goal is to raise money through its operations to support the aid and development of the wider community.

Integrity Dental India is closely linked with our charity dental van that travels through the slums of Mumbai each day treating whoever requires help for no charge.

While dental Issues in the first world rarely threaten the life of an individual, in Mumbai it is not unusual for oral infections to be this serious. Our presence helps these disenfranchised people immensely and we are glad that your treatment here allows us to support this humanitarian project of ours.

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