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Antiwrinkle Injectables Treatment

Antiwrinkle Injectables Treatment

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Antiwrinkle Injectables Treatment


Cosmetic wrinkle relaxation treatments help to reduce your fine lines and wrinkles successfully restoring your youthful appearance. Our Anti-wrinkle injections are a natural purified protein (Botulinum Toxin Type A) that causes temporary muscle weakening, smoothing out fine lines, and preventing further wrinkle formation. Anti-wrinkle treatments are safe, effective, and affordable.

dermal fillers

With aging, associated natural changes to the face can give the impression that we are tired, sad, or angry – even when we’re not.

The repeated contraction of muscles in the upper face when we make facial expressions can cause the formation of facial lines and wrinkles, which can be obvious even at rest. The decrease in soft tissue volume (naturally occurring complex sugars and under-skin fat tissue) which happens naturally over time, also contributes to the development of upper facial lines. Sun exposure and smoking are also strong contributors to the damage.

Patients should know that Botulinum toxin is not used to keep them from expressing themselves but simply to keep them from making facial grimaces and frowns that have become habits and are unintended.

When done correctly, most people who are not trained cosmetic surgeons will not notice that a Botulinum toxin injectable procedure has been performed but simply that the patient looks more rested or happier. Visit our website for Anti Wrinkle Treatment Baulkham Hills or Anti Wrinkle Treatment Dural.


As we age, we start to lose volume in certain areas of the face which can make us look tired and sunken. This is caused by the body’s decreased ability to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin allow the skin to return to it’s the normal tight and plump state.

Unlike wrinkles that require muscle relaxants to soften them, facial volume and folds require a dermal filler to help ‘re-volumize’ and hydrate the area.


Made from a natural sugar already present in the human body – our dermal fillers are an affordable way to replicate the function of this naturally occurring substance and can restore fullness and volume in numerous facial areas.

Perfect your pout by enhancing this defining feature with fillers for plump, even, and smooth looking lips. Our fillers are used to treat the border of the upper and/or lower lip to enhance volume, contour, and definition.

Our safe, injectable gel filler treatments are administered by our experienced, qualified Dentists to ensure a perfect, natural-looking pout every time. Contact us today for Anti Wrinkle Treatment Baulkham Hills or Anti Wrinkle Treatment Dural.

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