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10 Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth


10 Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

To preserve oral health, avoiding foods and beverages that are bad for your teeth is almost as critical as regular check-ups and cleanings. In fact, you’ll be more likely to have a smile on your face after your check-ups when you avoid these 10 teeth-destroying foods and beverages.

1. Soft Drinks

That sweet, fizzy drink you crave might have a dark side — its tendency to erode your teeth’s protective enamel. Sure, the sugar in popular soft drinks produces acids that weaken enamel. But so does the addictive fizz itself. That CO2 gas that produces the bubbles has a byproduct — carbonic acid — that also dissolves your tooth enamel. That makes even diet soft drinks equally bad for your teeth. Instead, choose water as your go-to hydration source.

2. Potato Chips and Nachos

Who doesn’t like the crunch of chips as they pop them into their mouth? However, as you chew them, they become a sticky mess that finds its way into the spaces between your teeth. Instead, choose fresh veggies. But, if you can’t resist, brush and floss after eating them.

3. Ice

Ice might only be frozen water, but if you can’t wait until it melts, its hard surface can chip off the enamel from your teeth — or worse, cause your teeth to crack.

4. Sweetened Popcorn

While popcorn is a low-calorie alternative to chips — and not bad for your teeth — the sticky toffee variety is just as bad for you as eating candy. Worse, perhaps, because of those annoying kernel bits that slip under the space between your teeth and gums.

5. Dried Fruit

Even though fresh fruit is sweet, it’s full of tooth-nourishing nutrients. But dried fruit concentrates the sugar in the fruit, generating enamel-destroying acids as you chew.

6. Sweetened Muesli Cereals and Bars

You’d think with all those whole grains and nuts, muesli would be among the best foods for your teeth. However, most cereals and bars are high in sugar, thanks to the dried fruit in the cereals and the syrup acting as the ‘glue’ for the bars.

7. Low-Fat Yoghurt

Although low-fat yoghurt provides you with tooth-building calcium, it usually includes sugar to boost its taste. Instead, choose calcium- and protein-rich Greek yoghurt, and you’ll make both your teeth and tummy happy.

8. Sports Drinks

Unless you’re recovering from a bad case of diarrhoea or a strenuous workout, you’d be better off sipping some water rather than sports drinks. With sports drinks’ high acid and sugar content, they’re simply not worth the risk.

9. Non-Fluoridated Water

Although water is the best beverage you can consume, water that comes pre-packaged in small bottles and jugs doesn’t usually contain fluoride, an effective tool in tooth cavity prevention. Instead, sip water from your home tap or choose a brand of bottled water with added fluoride.

10. Wine

Wine contains a high level of enamel-eroding acids. However, be careful about brushing immediately after you drink. Brushing can grind that acid even further into your teeth. Instead, brush beforehand and then wait 1/2 hour before you brush again. To neutralise the acid during the wait, swirl water around in your mouth to lessen wine’s erosive effects.

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